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Application for the GaLaBau-Innovations-Medaille 2022

Fill in or add where applicable. If several products or procedures (hereafter referred to as products) are applied for, please make out a single application for each product.



1.1 Address: (full address, telephone, fax, email)
1.3 I/We am/are an exhibitor in
1.4 As far as a viewing should take place on 13.09.2022, according to item 4.2 of the entry conditions, the product can be viewed in
or in open-air ground


2.1 I/We enter the following product (exact name of the product, which will be used on the certificate and passed on to the press in case of an award):
2.2 Product group as per list of products (cf. Annex) of GaLaBau 2022 Trade Fair:
2.3 Description of product:
Is it possible to get info on the product via internet? If yes:
2.4 Brief details on purpose and area of use of the product in the landscaping sector:
2.5 The product is an innovation in terms of:
(Please give detailed reasons for your application. Assistance is provided by the assessment criteria, see item 3 of the entry conditions. Please note that in the assessment procedure (phase 1, point 4 of eligibility) the innovative character of your product will be examined according to the details you have given.
2.5 Annexes
In addition it is necessary to complete your information with: proofs of product liability (e. g. declaration of conformity, CE-Verification, GS-Verification), further information about product-related details (e. g. manual, technical data sheet, build/usage tips, material/product descriptions)
2.6 Product entered


3.1 The product
3.2 I/we am/are


In case of inquiries and a short-term clarification of questions on the evaluation please contact:

I / We further confirm
a) that the product complies with the product liability laws of the country of origin,
b) that the product complies with the relevant regulations (e. g. declaration of conformity, CE-, GS-Verification) and guidelines,
c) that the environmentally friendly production and the environmentally friendly disposal of the products after the use phase are ensured.

Your application will be confirmed by a pdf file.